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The tech side of sharing your message and serving your audience can be soooo overwhelming! There's finally a software that makes the tech simple. Imagine, less stress and more time to make an impact.


You have a message to share

hope*dashboard is all you need

  • Host your website

  • Send email broadcasts

  • Schedule social media posts

  • Sell courses, coaching, and more...

The tech relief & scalability you need

Before vs After hope*dashboard

  • Disjointed Tools: Using multiple tools for social media scheduling, email marketing, landing pages, and course hosting.

  • High Costs: Paying for separate subscriptions for each tool, leading to high monthly expenses.

  • Technical Overwhelm: Struggling to integrate and manage various tools, leading to frustration.

  • Time-Consuming: Spending hours learning different platforms and manually transferring data between them.

  • Limited Support: Relying on scattered support channels for each tool and facing challenges in getting help.

  • Unified Platform: All-in-one solution for social media scheduling, email marketing, landing pages, and course hosting.

  • Affordability: One subscription cost for all essential features, saving you money.

  • Simplicity: Intuitive interface and seamless integration of tools, reducing technical complications.

  • Time-Efficiency: Streamlined workflows save time, enabling you to focus on creating content and engaging with your audience.

  • Comprehensive Support: Access to video training, weekly group coaching, and expert assistance for technical and design aspects.

Website & Funnel Builder

Create stunning websites and effective sales funnels with ease, no coding required.

Course & Membership Portal

Deliver seamless learning experiences and build engaged communities through our user-friendly course and membership platform.

Messaging Capabilities

Connect effortlessly with your audience using various messaging options including email, text, and phone communication.

Calendar Scheduler

Manage your appointments and events efficiently with our integrated calendar scheduler, ensuring organized scheduling.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Cultivate strong relationships by centralizing contact information, interactions, and communication history.

Automations & Workflows

Streamline tasks and processes using automated workflows, saving time and increasing efficiency in your operations.

And the MAGIC is... these tools ACTUALLY talk to each other.

hope*dashboard is truly your one stop shop for everything you need to build your business online, to communicate with your audience, and to grow your impact and income.

Three reasons to use hope*dashboard


With one log in and everything included, you no longer have worry about connecting multiple tools together or learning new systems.


One low monthly or annual fee covers everything you need to get started.


Our team is here to support you each step of the way.


everything is included...

Your Website

included in hope*dashboard

Hope*dashboard is a platform that simplifies the process of building a website or blog. It used to be a lot of work, but now you can do it all in just an afternoon!

With hope*dashboard, you'll enjoy fast page loading speeds, which means more people will stay on your website and potentially make purchases. You don't need any technical skills to use the platform, as it has a drag-and-drop page builder that is customizable and easy to use. Plus, there are plenty of gorgeous page templates to choose from that you can customize with your own content and launch with just a few clicks.

hope*dashboard includes...

Your Sales Platform

If you sell books, courses, or offer coaching services, it's important to have a checkout process that is fast and easy for your customers.

With hope*dashboard, you can simplify the process in several ways. You can quickly upload your products, including images, videos, and descriptions, with just a click of a button.

Additionally, building a high-converting checkout page is easy, and you won't need any coding or programming skills. You can even maximize your order value by using customizable one-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps.

Your Online Course

included in hope*dashboard

Creating an online course is a great way to share your expertise and generate income. With hope*dashboard, you can simplify the process of creating and selling online courses.

You can easily upload your course content, including videos, images, and descriptions, with just a few clicks. The platform also offers a user-friendly interface that doesn't require any coding or technical skills to use.

Plus, you can set up payment processing and enroll students directly through the platform. With hope*dashboard, you can focus on creating great content and growing your business, without worrying about the technical details of setting up and managing your online course.

hope*dashboard includes...

Your Contact & Tags Database

Having a contacts portal is crucial for managing your customer interactions and growing your business.

With hope*dashboard Contacts Portal, you can easily organize and manage your customer information, track their growth, and analyze their behavior. The platform allows you to segment your contacts, making it easy to send personalized messages and promotions to specific groups.

Additionally, hope*dashboard Contacts Portal provides you with insights into customer preferences, helping you create products and services that meet their needs. You can also set up automated communication and follow-ups, ensuring that your customers stay engaged and informed. With hope*dashboard Contacts Portal, you can efficiently manage your customer interactions, leading to increased sales and business growth.

Your Email System

included in hope*dashboard

Connecting with your readers and sharing your message is critical for growing your online business, and hope*dashboard Email System can help you achieve this goal.

With hope*dashboard Email System, you can easily create and send email broadcasts, promotions, and offers to your audience. This is a powerful way to stay in touch with your readers and share your message on a regular basis. The platform also allows you to build and customize email automations based on customer behavior, ensuring that your messages are targeted and effective. Additionally, hope*dashboard Email System offers advanced email analytics, so you can track your open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics, helping you improve your email campaigns over time.

By using hope*dashboard Email System, you can connect with your readers in a meaningful way, providing them with valuable content, updates, and promotions. This will help you build a loyal following, increase engagement, and ultimately, drive more sales for your business. With hope*dashboard Email System, you can streamline your email marketing efforts and focus on what you do best - creating great content and sharing your message with the world.

hope*dashboard includes...

Your Data Dashboard

Having access to reliable analytics is crucial for understanding your customers' behavior and improving your online business strategy.

With hope*dashboard Analytics, you can easily track and analyze the performance of your funnels, getting clear insights into what's working and what's not. The platform provides instant reporting and detailed data on key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rates, and average cart value. This information can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and optimize your funnels for maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, hope*dashboard Analytics allows you to see how your students are progressing through your digital courses, helping you identify areas for improvement and adjust your content accordingly. With hope*dashboard Analytics, you can stay on top of your business metrics and make data-driven decisions that will help you grow and succeed online.

Your Social Scheduler

included in hope*dashboard

Navigating the bustling world of social media doesn't have to be overwhelming. Introducing the hope*dashboard Social Media Scheduler, a powerful tool designed to simplify and enhance your online presence.

With the hope*dashboard Social Media Scheduler, you're in command of your content like never before. No more scrambling for last-minute posts – you can plan and schedule your social media content well in advance. Imagine having your posts lined up for the week, effortlessly sharing your message with your audience while you focus on other priorities.

What's even better? This scheduler doesn't just save time; it's a game-changer for engagement. By consistently delivering content, you foster deeper connections with your followers. They come to anticipate your posts, leading to increased interaction and impact.

With the hope*dashboard Social Media Scheduler, you're not just posting; you're orchestrating an online conversation that resonates with your audience.

Experience the ease and effectiveness of the hope*dashboard Social Media Scheduler. Elevate your social media game, build genuine connections, and amplify the reach of your message – all at your own pace.


Here's what others are saying...

"Where else can you get texting, email, phone, voice drop, in one platform?... I see this as the software of the future."

-Christina Nelson

"It's been a complete game-changer for me. We've built our whole business around [hope*dashboard] now. We'll never go back."

- Christine Seale

"It’s really a no-brainer that you can save a ton of money using [hope*dashboard] instead of purchasing a sales funnel software, email marketing tools, online course creators, etc."

- Vasco Lourenco

"I felt completely supported as soon as I join the platform."

- Debbie DuBois

for hope*dashboard plus members...

weekly live training and office hours

Build and launch your hope*messaging business step-by-step





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Save money, simplify your systems, get the support you need. hope*dashboard is here for you.


Cancel anytime.

We are so sure that hope*dashboard is THE TOOL to help you share your message and grow your audience that we have a NO QUESTIONS ASKED cancellation policy. Just notify our team and we'll cancel any recurring payments ASAP. We don't offer refunds, but you can try hope*dashboard on a monthly basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hope Dashboard suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Hope Dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind. Whether you're tech-savvy or new to online tools, our user-friendly interface and comprehensive tutorials will guide you every step of the way.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is straightforward. For only $97 a month, you get access to the complete suite of tools within Hope Dashboard. No hidden fees or extra charges. We believe in offering affordability without compromising on quality.

What kind of support do you provide?

We've got you covered! With Hope Dashboard PLUS, you'll have access to video training, weekly group coaching sessions, and "done with you" services. Our support covers both technical and design aspects, ensuring you're never stuck or left in the dark.

Can I integrate my existing tools with Hope Dashboard?

Yes, you can! We understand the importance of integrating tools you're already using. Hope Dashboard is designed to seamlessly integrate with various popular platforms, allowing you to streamline your processes and maximize efficiency.

What if I'm not sure where to start with my message or audience?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Our platform isn't just about tools; it's about helping you succeed as a messenger of hope. Our "done with you" service at $297 a month provides step-by-step guidance, weekly coaching, and the 12 essential funnels you need to grow your message and audience.

Let's get started.

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